If you’re big on sex, wellness and find personality quizzes fun, you may have already gone the path of self-discovery and have established your personality type as well as your favorite sex toy. But depending on the type of model used, there can be many ways to dig deeper into who you are and your specific sexual behaviors. While the widely-known Briggs-Meyer test has been used since the 1920s, the new millennium has unveiled a new technique that includes 9 basic personality types based on a person’s unique ways of relating to the world. The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires. Since there are so many sex toys to choose from, it may be time to try something different now that you’ve de-coded another side of yourself. Spice up your sex life by choosing a toy that aligns with who you really are deep inside.


Type 1: Bwild Classic Bunny


For someone who typically has high standards and isn’t satisfied with anything other than the best, the Bwild Classic Bunny is the perfect match for a perfectionist. With 5 functions and 2 individual motors, it works overtime to provide a customizable pleasure experience. Hit all the right spots and control just how far you’ll go. This principled personality type only wants the perfect ending to go along with their purposeful sensations. It’s even more exciting that the design features a target for both your G-spot and your clitoris, providing a roadmap to all the stimulation you need.


Type 2: Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed


Someone with a type 2 personality is defined by their desire to please others in all aspects of their life, especially their sex life. With such a generous outlook on life, the Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed offers your partner the ultimate sensation with you holding the remote. Designed with 6 escalating speeds, you'll possess the power of pleasure with just one push of a button. As a helper, elevate your partner's experience by stimulating the vulva, clitoris, or testicles and share your desire to please others.


Type 3: Bcharmed Basic


When you have a success-oriented mindset, sex needs to be efficient and valuable for all parties involved. The Bcharmed Basic allows you and your partner to experience pleasure together. With stimulating ridges that tickle everyone's sweet spot, you'll achieve excellence in the bedroom. There's no need for guessing games when you're using this flexible ring as your map to the ultimate climax. It's no surprise that success is very important to you, and failure is not an option. So instead of panicking or taking the longer route, use a versatile accessory that won't go unappreciated.


Type 4: Bcute Classic Pearl or Bhandy Classic Wave


Keep the focus on personal pleasure and be unapologetic in how you achieve sexual satisfaction. Self-expression is important to Individualists and making time for solo play is a must. Use a Bcute Classic Peal for her or a Bhandy Classic Wave for him, and enjoy the fun of doing something just for you. Release the stress of what it means to be a strong creative and let it all go after some desired sensation. How you spend alone is essential, and what better way to prioritize your happiness than with a toy that sends you to new heights!


Type 5: Bgee Classic


You've always been somewhat of an innovator, but now you're taking it up a notch with a toy that celebrates being an Investigator. The Begee Classic allows you to explore your inquisitive and curious personality, especially when it comes to the g-spot. This design featured an angled tip that makes finding that pleasure area even more satisfying. Make it even more of a wild ride with 5 different vibration settings to send you on a new kind of treasure hunt. Be surprised every time with a sex toy that truly aligns with who you are in the bedroom.


Type 6: Bthrilled Classic


While anxious and suspicious, a Loyalist is very committed, defined by their desire for safety and security. For these reasons, the Bthrilled Classic is the perfect match to achieve satisfaction in moments of intimacy. With just one touch, this vibrating wand features a silky smooth, enchanting glide that hits your sweet spot every time. It's impossible to reach your destination when you're clouded with anxiety, making this the ultimate toy for magical memories. Make it your best orgasm yet and release that tension before letting out a big sigh of relief and euphoria.


Type 7: Bfilled Basic Plus Wave


Pleasure for an Enthusiast is all about new experiences. Let your freak flag fly with our Bfilled Basic Plus Wave that offers a stimulating ripple for extreme arousal. Unlock new doors to pleasure with this massaging plug made for maximum sensation and comfort without the use of batteries. For either solo or partner play, there are endless possibilities for this sex toy in the hands of an Enthusiast. Even as one of the smallest plugs, there's nothing they can't achieve when they put this gem to use. 


Type 8: Bnaughty Classic Unleashed


It's all about domination when you're dealing with a Challenger. With such a fiery passion, energy, and desire for power, there's no better toy than our Bnaughty Classic Unleashed. This ultimate stimulator hits multiple speeds and quivering opportunities, all with the help of a wireless remote. Whether you're 2 inches away from your partner or two feet, surrender your senses and experience a thrilling game of "say when." It's about time that a Challenger met their match and bowed down to the rhythmic sensation that leaves an uncontrollable high.


Type 9: Bcharmed Basic Plus


With the mellow attitudes of a Peacemaker, there's only one toy that can level them out while also providing mind-numbing pleasure. Our Bcharmed Basic Plus features a small mini motor that stimulates both her and him, creating an ultra-penetration. With a strong desire to diffuse conflict, Peacemakers search for reassurance and can be very agreeable. This go-with-the-flow philosophy is why this dual massaging ring works so well to satisfy such an agreeable personality. Featuring 5 vibration patterns, you'll be making more than just peace.