Relationships can be pretty difficult at times. While it’s a joy to be able to walk through life with someone you love and enjoy, it has its fair share of ups and downs. Like any great roller coaster, there’s a level of thrill accompanied by some moments of doubt. Aside from some healthy communication and compromise, you know you’ve hit a roadblock in your relationship when you find yourself in a sexual rut. Typically for those in long-term relationships, there may come a time when the spark dies down, and tension begins to brew in the bedroom instead of passion.

While there can be many reasons for a relationship rut, there are ways to pull you and your partner out of it and get back to the fun by reigniting the sexual spark. Whether the relationship has hit a plateau or it’s become more of a chore and less of an exciting treat, there are a few different ways to break out of the cycle. Get back to having great sex with your partner and change the way you approach a rut with a better understanding.




Talking about sex can be weird for many couples, but when the topic gets dusted under the rug for too long, it’s bound to pile up into a mess. In order to get the root of the problem and ignite that sexual spark, communication is key. Before diving deep into how it may have gotten to this point, you should first start by simply acknowledging the elephant, or lack thereof, in the room. When you take the time to identify the change in your relationship, you may be surprised to know that your partner is thinking the same thing and wants to make an effort towards a better sex life for you both.

It’s true what they say that open communication is essential in a healthy relationship. Without playing the blame game or passing judgment, this can be the perfect opportunity to openly share your thoughts and needs with your partner and discuss possible solutions. While it may seem like a daunting task at first, it can transform your relationship for a better and more pleasurable future.



Spice it Up

There are lots of ways sex toys can elevate your sex life, especially for those in long-term relationships. Since you both already know one another at an intimate level, incorporating sex toys can be a great start to level up while also pulling yourselves out of a rut. 

Consider using a Bcharmed Basic Plus, perfect for partner play that you'll both enjoy. With a flexible stretch for a fit so snug, you'll be on your way to sparking up the bedroom in no time. This special toy also offers five luscious vibration patterns, bringing stronger climaxes for both parties. If you're looking to relinquish all control in the bedroom and give your partner the ultimate keys to pleasure, the Bnaughty Premium Unleashed is the way to really heighten both your sex lives. Whether this is your first time using toys with your partner or you're reopening the toy box for the first time in a while, it's the perfect way to add a little spice to get you both going in the right direction. 


Change Locations

If sex in the bedroom has turned into a boring routine, it may be time to change up the arena for some erotic fun. When you start to feel a dip in your relationship sexually, going back to the same ole things can't solve the original problem. Find new ways to introduce elements of excitement, thrill, and a hint of danger that comes with the potential of getting caught, and let your partner know just how much you miss having fun with them.

Whether it's at a social gathering, a public restroom, or even in the backseat of your car, the sense of adventure and a heightened level of anticipation puts that spark right where it belongs. When you think about a relationship rut, it typically starts with how the concept of intimacy is dwindling. Make an effort to change things up and get back in the honeymoon stage by getting it in whenever and wherever.


Role Play

Let's be honest. A relationship rut can creep up on you and have you second guessing a lot. So, what better way to transform your feelings than to transform your identities in the bedroom. Even if you're not an award-winning actress or actor, you can still participate in the excitement of role-playing. This might feel a little awkward if it's your first time role-playing but think of it as a way to be someone completely different and feel empowered to do something you normally would never do.

Perhaps you've always wondered how your partner would react to a spank on the butt or always thought about what it would be like to be a bartender on a wild night. The possibilities are endless. It's not at all weird to get into your character. In fact, you may discover something new about your partner and even yourself. Take this opportunity to act out all of your desires and loosen up from that relationship rut. 

It's not uncommon for couples to hit a sexual snag once in a while. There are many different factors that come into play when it comes to sex, but it's up to both of you to make an effort and work through these challenges. By incorporating some of these tips, you can simultaneously deepen your emotional bond with your partner while also enjoying new sexual experiences that put the spark back in sex.