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Bgee Heat Infinite Deluxe


color: Sweet Lavender

b’hot, b’fire, b’steamy – bish playing no games / bish lit AF 

Embrace your inner sexiness and let Bgee Heat Infinite Deluxe become your personal temptress on a voyage of passion and satisfaction. A true tease and seductress, she'll awaken the depths of your desires. The power of pleasure lies in your hands, and with infinite possibilities, the night is yours to explore. So, surrender to the allure, feel the heat, and let the adventure begin. 

about the product

Get ready to be seduced by the enchanting allure of Bgee Heat Infinite Deluxe as it sets your deepest passions ablaze. Wrapped in the velvety embrace of 100% body-safe silicone, this pleasure-maker offers 5 alluring, sultry vibration modes that'll leave you yearning for more. Surrender to the hedonistic dance of pleasure as it heats up to a smoldering 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), and let desire take control. With its waterproof and rechargeable design, this journey into ecstasy will leave an unforgettable mark on your soul.

User Manual:

Colors: Sweet Lavender

Materials: 100% Body Safe Silicone


Waterproof: Yes (IPX7)

Care: After/Before Clean using mild soap and water and/or Toy Safe Cleaner

Lube Pairing: Water Based

1.00" (2.50 cm)

Total Length: 7.00" (18 cm) / 5.32” (13.70 cm)

Battery Type: Rechargeable (LI-ION)

Use Time: 120 Min. (2 HR) / 90 Min (1.50 HR)

Backlight Color: White

Box Contents: 1X Massager, 1X USB Magnetic Charging Cable

User Manual: